Industrial netsolutions and Sportmaterial
We are a family company from Sweden with operations all over Europe. Our net solutions shall att all times be state of the art quality equipment with relevant industry certifications such as EN1263-1 and En1263-2. We offer 3 years warranty on all our products. Manufacturing countries are Belgium, Spain, UK and Sweden (via Agent ) We also coordinate and source other type of equipment for our end users and partners to provide best possible total solution. In some cases we also source local installation.
Find our offering about our services in our planning tool under project management.

Our customers are mainly within building and construction, architect or transportation industry. Find some of our work below and tailor-made solutions.
Contacts us for any questions at or birk.zackrisson@industrinat.or use the contact form below.
Our office tel is +46 (0) 31 7884512
"Yesterday one of my workers accidentally fall down in the net. Because of the new net installation a serious injury could be avoided. To summarize the net serves us well. That said, I would like to order some more tailor-made net "

Statement from our customer Tungdykargruppen with installation picture below.